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Household Amenities, Assets & Liabilities

This database contains information on the availability of basic amenities in households, ownership of assets, pattern of investments and sources purpose of borrowing.

Basic amenities include data on availability of toilet inside the household, access to electricity and water inside the household and also type of material used in walls and roof of the household. Access to transport infrastructure is captured by asking the time it takes household members to travel ten kilometers from the household.

Asset ownership includes data on the ownership of eleven kinds of assets as of the date of the survey, purchase of these assets 120 days before the date of survey and intentions to buy them within 120 days after the date of survey.

Similarly, the database includes investments in financial assets and land and intentions to invest in the next 120 days.

The database also provides information on whether the household has an outstanding borrowing or not and if it does have an outstanding borrowing then what are the sources and what are the purposes of the borrowing.


The Consumer Pyramids household survey is a longitudinal survey of households. Each Wave is executed over a period of four months.

The four months of a Wave during a year is called a Round ....

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A Wave of the Consumer Pyramids household survey is conducted over a period of four months. The total sample is divided equally into four parts to be executed during the four months of the survey.

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A large sample size and a uniform distribution of execution of the Consumer Pyramids Household Survey enables the generation of useful daily observations of sample households.

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